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Monday, March 15, 2010

I really like to take pictures so I decided to start my own 365 blog to show my pictures off. I got my own camera last year for my birthday and I love taking pictures of everything (sometimes even really, really gross stuff. haha) My mom does a 365 on her photography blog and my sister Stephanie started her own blog where she puts her pictures and I think it's cool. For now I am going to put my pictures on the kids blog and maybe when I'm older I'll have my own. I'm only 10 you know.

I took this picture on our way home from NJ. It's the skyline of Philadelphia.
From Henry, March 2010

Emma must've gotten hungry and she really wanted some ham. haha
From Henry, March 2010

This is our guinea pig Tobias
From Henry, March 2010

Just a really cool picture of the inside of a bridge. Thanks Mom for giving me the idea.
From Henry, March 2010

My brother Teddy with my sister Emma
From Henry, March 2010

From Henry, March 2010

Hosted by Chris

ps Mom showed me how to edit my pictures pretty cool on Picnik.

1 comment:

Cecily R said...

That bridge shot is super cool. I'm impressed!